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This Guy's Coffee is partnered with Coffee Break Roasting for all of our various coffee blends.

We use a premium blend of expertely roasted beans for all of the drinks served from our full service espresso bar.

Coffee Break Roasting provides us with Fair Trade & Organic Arabica Coffee Beans that we serve each day.

A few of our popular blends brewed here at This Guy's are:
This Guy's Espresso Blend
  • Available in Regular & Decaf
Dark Roasts
  • Organic Sumatra
  • French Sumatra
  • Italian Roast
Flavored Roasts
  • Highlander Grogg
  • Coconut Cream
  • Blueberry Cobbler
  • Vanilla Hazelnut

Light Roasts
  • Organic Peru
  • Guatemalan Antigua
Medium Roasts
  • This Guy's House Blend
    • Available in Regular & Decaf
  • Bali Blue Moon
  • Organic Guatemalan

​*The roasts listed are customer favorites, we have other options. 


This Guy's Coffee has parterned with various companies to provide the best quality for both hot and iced tea options available in loose leaf & sachet tea.

A few of our popular tea blends here at This Guy's are:

Green Tea Blends
  • Pineapple Papaya
  • Citron Green
Black Tea
  • Fair Trade Organic Assam
  • Ginger Peach
  • A blend of Black & Green Tea containing Ginseng, Ginger, & 
    Brazilian Maté.

David Rio Chai Tea Lattes
  • Regular Orca Spice Chai 
    • ​A rich mixture of black tea, premium spices, including cinnamon, cardamom, and clove.
  • ​Sugar Free Tiger Spice Chai
    • The same rich mixture of black tea and spices as the Orca spice chai sweetened with  sucralose.


We offer coffee & baked good catering for all events. Please contact us for a custom quote for your event.

has a Drive- Thru &
In-House Seating

Our Address:
284 W. Central Ave. Springboro OH, 45066

(937) 748-9031